When opening an account, is it necessary to make deposit?

For account opening, deposit making and credit card information are not required at all.

How to make deposit?

1) After login, click the "Deposit" button above.
2) Choose the payment method between credit card payment and bank transfer.

・In the case of credit card payment
Deposit is completed after the credit card information and deposit amount are entered and confirmed.
※We accept "VISA", "MASTER", "JCB" and "China Union Pay".

・In the case of bank transfer
If you would like to deposit by bank transfer, please contact us by e-mail.

What is the eligible period of time for making deposit?

We offer 24-hour deposit-accepting service. Your deposit will be handled step-by-step, please kindly understand that it takes time for the status to be reflected on the site. In the case of making deposit by bank transfer, the deposit will be reflected on the site as soon as it is confirmed within the bank’s business hour.